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Packing Suggestions

Our van holds up to a maximum of 14.5 cubic metres but the available space is affected by the shapes and sizes of the items to be loaded and how well boxes stack together.

To help us make the absolute best of the space available please consider the following suggestions:

Boxes & Packing

Use boxes of similar sizes that stack together easily. They need to be strong (ideally packing boxes designed for the job) or the plastic storage boxes with lids. Boxes that collapse on the way to the van could result in damage to the contents and they won't stack effectively leaving less space available for packing.

Do not overload your boxes – if you can’t lift it nor can our driver. The lids need to close properly for the most efficient stacking.

Put heavier items into the smaller boxes so you are not tempted to overload them.
If the box is heavy but not full, fill the voids with newspaper, bubble wrap, packing “peanuts” or even tea towels! This will help keep the integrity of the box and also stop packed items from moving around inside, minimising damage. This is especially important when packing glass or fragile items, which if possible should have packing materials totally surrounding them.


If you wish us to place boxes in the destination room, write this on the box.

Label the boxes that have fragile items inside, this will ensure the most fragile items are not stacked at the bottom of other, possibly heavier boxes.


Wrap in bubble wrap and add cardboard for strength then tape or use clingfilm all the way around to stop the protection moving.

Label clearly or make us aware of these items when loading.

 Media Goods

TV's, hi-fi's computers, printers, dvd players etc. should be boxed in their original packaging if possible but otherwise follow the suggestions above to avoid them moving around in larger boxes.  

Cables and plugs are not only a trip hazard but can cause damage to other belongings if left loose. They should be taped to the back of the item if not boxed.    

Remove all discs from machines to avoid them jamming inside and apply the lock for moving parts if applicable.

Soft Furnishings and Mattresses

We recommend placing your soft furnishings and mattresses into bags for protection from scuffs and marks from other items of furniture. Mattress bags can be purchased from Amazon for a reasonable cost and are well worth the investment. 

We carry more than enough blankets to protect all larger pieces of furniture.